Esther-Channah (dragonbat2006) wrote in little_details,

Coal Processing Plants--Miscellaneous details

Googled: Coal Processing Plants floor plans, coal processing plants blueprints, coal processing plants

I'm setting a scene in an old coal processing plant that was shut down within the last 12 months. (In other words, it wouldn't be the most modern setup.)

Basically, I need to know how realistic it would be to have either a large meat freezer, or any room with a temperature around the freezing point in mid-summer anywhere on the premises. Something that could either be barricaded so that a captive would have a hard time getting out.

Note: My villain does not have keys to any rooms, but I suppose he could have bought padlocks, etc.

If I can't make a meat freezer work, I'll take any place with close quarters, no windows and a good lock on the door. My villain wants to confine his victim, scare him, not give him a lot of maneuverability but definitely keep him alive. I was hoping for someplace cold in order to take the fight out of the prisoner.

If the setting matters, it's USA on the northeastern seabord.


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