Could use a little more cowbell (thewhiteowl) wrote in little_details,
Could use a little more cowbell

High school experience: CA, 1980s

Setting: California, late 1980s.

I'm looking for some clue what life would be like in high school. What time of year would the prom be likely to be held, and would it be only seniors or could younger kids attend?
What would the 'prestige' sports to play be? (For example, in my school the senior hockey team were a crowd of annoying metrosexuals who walked around in their corporate-sponsored jackets as if they owned the place, while the rugby team was more normal.)

Also, when would the school cut-off date have been in those days? IE, how late could your birthday be in the year you graduate? ETA: The school district would be Pasadena, as that seems to be relevant.
Tags: usa: california, usa: education: high school

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