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UCMJ jusridiction

CWhen:  Now
Where:  US

Googled:  court-martial, jurisdiction, civil law, manslaughter, inciting suicide, statute of limitations etc.  I had a look through the archives here and did find a useful post with a similar question, but I'm wary of applying the answers to my fictional situation as it's a little different.

So here's the situation:
I have a character was a Lieutenant in the US Army.  He has since left the military and is getting on with his civilian life quite happily.  Suddenly it comes up that one of the men who served under him committed suicide while they were both on active duty (and while said enlisted man was under this Lt.'s command), and evidence has been brought that the Lt. incited the suicide through long-term bullying.

So, in summary:
1.  Although the events occurred while they were on active duty, the Lt. is no longer enrolled in the military when the evidence appears;
2.  There was a time lapse of about a year before this new evidence came to light;
3.  Said evidence would have been given to police first as they would be the obvious point of first contact for the person who has the evidence.

Given these facts - who would have jurisdiction over this case?  Would it be the military, the civil law, or both?  If both, in what order?

Thanks in advance.
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