Mindi Scott (mindiscott) wrote in little_details,
Mindi Scott

U.S. cities/towns with "pleasant" climates.

Setting:   Present-day Western Washington State, USA

Searches:    I've done searches pertaining to warm climates, best places to visit in the U.S., and such, but what I'm really looking for are opinions from people about places they've lived or visited which might help me make a decision here. 

In my story, a teenage girl is disappointed to have to spend her summer vacation with extended family (whom she doesn't know well) in a small town near Seattle, Washington.  She loves the sun and warmth of the place she's from, and wishes -- for this reason and many others -- that she could stay home instead.  (Edit:  I'm not saying that it rains all the time in Seattle during the summer; that will just be her expectation before she sets out for the trip.)

What I'm trying to figure out is exactly where should she be from?   I know that tastes and weather preferences vary, but I feel like she should live someplace where one can go around without long sleeves for much of the summer, but that isn't so uncomfortably hot that people prefer to spend their days sitting inside with air conditioner.  Also, I think it should be a place that doesn't have harsh winters.  I thought somewhere in California might fit this description (or not?), but for plot reasons, I'd like to choose somewhere far from Washington, if possible.   

So, can anyone suggest locations in the U.S that are further from Seattle than California is, and have reputations for warm summers (and possibly pleasant weather year-round)?  (I'm not strictly opposed to having her live in another country, I suppose, but I think I'll feel more capable writing a character who lives in the U.S.)  

I would give more information about her background if it would help, but most of what I know that is relevent is that she lives alone with her mother in middle-class surroundings.  I'm thinking that nailing down where they live will help fill in more of the puzzle pieces for me!

Thank you in advance!

Tags: usa (misc), ~climate/weather

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