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Teenaged daughter's boyfriend staying over

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Your daughter's boyfriend is staying over the night. They've been together for four months. She's 18 in a month's time, the responsible and mature type. Dates rarely. The boyfriend's a little younger than her, shy and polite and a good kid all around. She says they "haven't done it" yet, and you have every reason to believe her - very good parents/child relationship here. The family is middle-high class, fairly secular with a modern outlook, in a mid-sized California town. Where would the boyfriend sleep?

A guest room, or a couch if a guest room is not available.
Her room, but the door's staying open/guest bed/both.
Her room.
Other, specify in comments

ETA: the story is set in 2003. The relationship is as stable and calm as it gets.

ETA 2: the good parent-child relationship part also means that they're going to communicate expectations and concerns to each other, such as - assuming the parents are so inclined - asking if she'd be comfortable with their sharing a room or. You may assume a large enough bed. The parents and the boyfriend are getting along. There's a 10-years-old sister in the house.

ETA 3: thank you, I think I have more than enough information! Thanks you all for your feedback - I learned everything I needed to know and more, and this ended up being a very interesting discussion.
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