sobo51us (sobo51us) wrote in little_details,

Determining abortion post-mortem

When: Present Day - 2000s
Where: Small Louisianian Town - rural area, suburb of Baton Rouge

Googling helped me find an excellent pathology site, Ed the Pathology guy. There are pages and pages and I have the main aspect of the autopsy down. However, I do need to know : 

1) How would a medical examiner determine if a young woman had an abortion? I have a corpse - and he needs to determine that she had an abortion, but I have no idea how they would do that.

2) If I decide to flashback and have my victim in the abortion clinic - what is the manner during a visit like that? How does the doctor interact with the patient? What are concerns with the health of the patient?

Thank you!
Tags: ~forensics: corpses, ~medicine: reproduction

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