busaikko (busaikko) wrote in little_details,

broken leg, no medical treatment available

Era: modern day
Location: ye olde desert island

Question: One of a group of castaways on the desert island has a badly broken leg. There are no doctors; I can probably make a good argument for there being a comprehensive first aid kit on the plane (i.e. there can be cast tape). What would be the initial treatment? Dangers to look out for? Management as the weeks and months wore on? How would the characters reckon when the cast should come off?

Have Googled: broken leg, search and rescue, first aid, casts, etc. -- the main drawback is that everyone assumes that proper medical attention will be available!
Have read: http://www.mybrokenleg.com/, have watched the U of Ottawa's excellent videos on casting (http://www.intermed.med.uottawa.ca/procedures/cast/)
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones
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