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Austrian army in Hungary

Time: 1541 & 1552

Place: Buda, Budapest, the borders of what would be the Austrian and Ottoman Empires.

Research: Every. Single. Book on Hungary in the libraries I have access to, google, wiki, loose-googling in German for the Austrian side of things. It's the one point of history which is only summarised "and then the Turks came in and that's where we stop". I haven't found one that mentions the battle except to say "and the Austrians lost the battle and went home". Typically, the one museum I missed while in Budapest was the History of Budapest museum.

- in the battle just before the Turks took Buda, what was the line-up for the battle? Austrians versus Hungarians? Austrians versus Turks? Austrians versus both?
- where was the battle actually pitched? I've read that Suleiman was camped out somewhere in the Obuda district, but this could just be the myth of Eclipse of the Crescent Moon book.
- how long did this battle last?
- And I know this may be pushing it, but is there any record of what the weather was like? (I know there are records of weather at other battles in that era, so just in case...)

Oh, and one last question - same timeframe, just forward a few years: Maximilian II kept the Turks from Austria in 1552. Even his biography doesn't say where, but is there any chance anyone knows where his army was based at the later parts of 1552?
Tags: 1500-1599, europe: history, hungary (misc), ~military (misc)

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