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Pre-Industrial Revolution Victorian-style fantasy

A mixed bag of questions relating to my original novel (see title for setting), which I though I might as well post here.
The characters involved -
Character S: male, early to mid-thirties, slightly accelerated healing ability and unnaturally good health [due to vampire ancestry], smokes cigarettes and opium, drinks gin and ale - low social class, criminal [card-sharp/thief/assassin]
Character A: male, vampire [247 years old], high social class

The questions:

1.  S has been cursed. The symptoms he has exhibited are as follows and appear over a ten to fourteen day peroid: pale skin (difficult to see, as he has red-brown skin), increased heart rate, coughing up and vomiting blood, and seizures, followed by a descent into a coma-like state. My question is this - what would a good (i.e. expensive) doctor diagnose him as suffering from [assuming he (the doctor) does not believe in magic]?

2. S and A are both 'confirmed bachelors' and in a tentative sexual and emotional relationship.  Assuming this were to be discovered, what would be regarded as more shocking - their sexuality or their respective social classes? (cross-species relationships are not regarded as particularly unusual in this continuum)


EDIT: This book is set in a fantasy world, so the 'Victorian' part relates only to dress and attitudes (this world is pre-Industrial Revolution. It is also a world in which vampires and werewolves co-exist (almost) peacably with humans. *edited because I am a forgetful idiot*

Tags: 1800s (no decades given), uk: history: victorian era, ~medicine: historical

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