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Glass or ceramic parts in a Dodge Dart.

The car in question is a fifth generation (1971) Dodge Dart Swinger 318, being driven in the present day.  (BTW, does anyone know the highway MPG for such a vehicle - I don't think it's important to the story, but you never know.)

I would really like to know how many & which parts of the car (both engine and interior) are made of glass or ceramic - especially glass.  Besides the obvious bits.  ;)

Further, I was wondering, should all of these parts (or even just the glass) be spontaneously shattered by an enraged demon or spirit of some sort while traveling down a lonely highway in northern Florida... what would happen?  Would the car still be drivable afterward?


(Search terms used:  "Dodge Dart glass parts," "Dodge Dart ceramic parts," Dodge Dart glass components," and "Dodge Dart ceramic components")
Tags: ~cars, ~glass
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