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Best guns for sharpshooting and sniping

Hi folks, I have a pair of sharpshooters lately come over from Ireland to an American city in the year of 1888. Assuming they are two of the best at what they do, been in the business for a few years and would have excellent taste in guns I am trying to decide what sort of rifles would best suit the job they've been hired for which is basically to assassinate someone. After many hours of googling through websites about rifles, sniping and even looking through The Illustrated History of Weaponry, I currently am pondering either a Sharps or Remington, circa 1870's to mid 1880's since I figured it would be reasonable that they have had their weapons for a number of years.

So which would, realistically speaking be the best weapon to get the job done and most likely to be the choice of these two Irish snipers? One is a man and the other is a woman, if that makes any difference as to their choice of firearms. I am also open to any other gun suggestions including brands produced in Ireland or England that I may be overlooking. Thank you in advance :)
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