holy bacchant (raghnaid) wrote in little_details,
holy bacchant

Convent Education in 1900 Mexico or Texas

Hello, Everyone!

Where: A town with no name somewhere along the border between Texas and Mexico.
When: 1900 on the button.

I have a sixteen year-old girl from a moderately wealthy family who has received a convent education. What would she have been taught and how? I've found some information on convent educations in England towards mid-century, but I have a feeling that the cultural differences and the period will have an impact on the content of the education.

Additionally, where would a convent school be located? Her family is based in essentially the middle of nowhere - it would be great if the convent was in or near a city, either in Mexico or Texas. I've had a hard time coming up with historical locations and most of the period maps I've found are inconclusive at best.

I've searched with various combinations of: 1900 19th century convent religious education school curriculum Mexico

Thanks in advance!
Tags: mexico: history, ~religion: christianity: catholicism

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