michalyn (michalyn) wrote in little_details,

University Life in Renaissance Italy

Where: Florence
When: 1480s-90s

Search terms tried: "university life in fifteenth century italy" "universities in renaissance italy", "history of european universities" "university of pisa, history", "italy, renaissance universities, dormitories" etc.

I'm trying to find out more information about university life in Renaissance Italy. In particular, I'm interested in the University of Pisa in the late 1400s. I can easily find information about curricula, but I'm looking more for information about an average student's life and schedule and I'm not coming up with much. For example, did dorms exist--or at least did wealthy students have their own rooms on "campus" or did nobles simply "commute" from nearby homes/villas/palaces etc?

How long was the average "school day"? Did the university close for example on evenings or was it similar to modern universities where students can live, eat and learn all in the same place?

Tags: 1400-1499, italy: history, ~renaissance

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