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microscopes and lethal hazards

Hi all,

I have some questions about microscopes and lethal hazards in labs as part of research for a story I'm writing:

- What kind of equipment is typically used to provide atomic-level resolution? Is there anything else other than scanning tunneling or atomic foce microscope?
- What kind of lab would typically use such equipment? Is a nanotechnology lab more likely to have it than, for instance, a chemistry lab? And if a microscope like this is found at a chemistry lab, what sub-field of chemistry is likely to be researched using that equipment?
- How much training would be typically required to use such a microscope? In particular: I imagine there must be some kind of a computer interface to that; how difficult would it be to use such an interface for someone who had probably never done this before?

and finally about hazards: how would someone careless (a 16-year old kid who sneaks into a lab at night to look at something through a microscope) be likely to accidentally kill himself? I know this depends on the kind of lab so, i guess this one should be asked for the following likely settings:

- chemistry lab
- nanotechnology lab
- some other kind of physics lab

Your help is appreciated!

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