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Insults/cursing in Western Lombard

I've checked through the tags, but I'm asking about a relatively obscure language, so am unsurprised to not see anything. Google doesn't turn up much, either, and I'm wary of trusting search engine results for language, anyway.

I have an American character who is, simply, not a nice guy. He's abusive toward his wife and kids, fond of beating the hell out of people, etc. He's fluent in Sicilian Italian and Western Lombard (his mother is from that area), among other languages, and while his older brother seems to think "fuck" suffices for everything (though he speaks both those languages), this guy wants to show off his abilities and intelligence. All the better if people can't entirely understand him.

So I'm looking for any sort of insult or curse word or phrase in Western Lombard. The more varied the better; he deals with all sorts of other unsavory characters, and has no problem letting them know what he thinks. (His tone and mannerisms get it across, even if they don't understand the words themselves, and besides, he can use it on his brother.) Plus, his older brother is gay, which is something that pisses this character off to no end, and there's only so many times I can type variations on American derogatory terms for gay men. Besides, their sister (mentally disabled and this guy's favorite person in the world) doesn't speak anything besides English.

Anything in Russian and Polish would also be awesome, and maybe even a little Irish Gaelic (he doesn't speak it, just picked up a couple words from a friend of his father's). Two of my roommates speak Italian, so I need that a little less than the others.
Tags: ~languages: celtic, ~languages: polish, ~languages: russian, ~languages: western lombard

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