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Condition of AppalachianTrail in Jefferson NF, Virginia

Place: Appalachian Trail between Daleville and Black Horse Gap within the boundaries of Jefferson National Forest

Time: Now

Terms Searched: Jefferson National Forest, Washington National Forest, Jefferson Washington National Service, Appalachian Trail Conditions, Daleville to Black Horse Gap, Black Horse Gap to Daleville, Black Horse Gap

Scenario: I'm working on a Bones fanfiction and I'm doing research for the case the fic will be built around. I have decided that a hiker in her mid-twenties was found on the Appalachian Trial within Jefferson National Forest. I chose the spot specifically, because National Forests are Federal lands which make all murders that occur there fall under the jurisdiction of the FBI--which would be the reason why Booth (the FBI agent) and Brennan (forensic anthropologist partner) would take this case on.

My question is: Is it possible for a person on that particular stretch of trail to be crushed under an extremely larger boulder?

Where I live in Wisconsin, rocks this big could possibly fall and crush people (Picture from Devil's Lake State Park--while I've never heard of a rock crushing someone there, a murderer could find away to get one to fall on an already dead victim), is there anything like this on that particular stretch of trail? If not, is there any way that a body can be crushed?

The victim has osteogenesis imperfecta (a brittle bone disease), but I do need a force great enough to shatter the majority of her bones--especially around the pelvic region. While I could use blunt force from the murderer, it would be the best for the story if it is something natural that occurred after her death.

Three more quick questions: All of the websites I've looked at have stated that going off of the trail is a bad idea, my question is, how easy is it to leave the trail? Would it be possible for the victim to have spent several years hanging out under this rock if it was far enough off of the trail?

Also, how long would it take for an FBI investigative team take to hike roughly 3-5 miles up the trail? Rather, is the trail of a consistent width? If anyone has hiked it, what are some things from personal experience that you think would hamper a largish group of people from moving quickly along the trail (beyond the obvious this-is-not-a-sidewalk-in-suburbia ;) )

Finally, as I've been researching, I've run across various accounts of a woman who lives in shelters along the trail. Sometimes she is called Crazy Margaret, sometimes Peggy. Apparently she likes to talk and thinks her father was King Edward VIII. Does anyone know where I could get any more information on her? Googling variants of Margaret, Peggy and crazy has not given me much luck.

Thank you!
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