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Carol S

Adult appearance of tattoo done on a toddler; graphic design of forms 1970s-early 1980s

I have a character who received a government tattoo (if it makes a difference something more along the line of concentration camp tattoos than either homemade/prison tattoo or an art one) on his inner forearm somewhere between the ages of 3 to 5 in the early 1980's in the US. I am wondering what it would look like now assuming there have been no touch-ups. I'm guessing that it would be stretched pretty proportionally, somewhat faded with maybe some ink feathering or color shifting, but I haven't been able to find enough specifics for 25+ year old tats, especially given the amount of growth involved. I've checked the tattoo tag here, wikipedia under tattoos, googling various combinations of "tattoo" "child" "infant" "growth" "stretch" "aging" "concentration camp" "prison camp" and some others I can't currently remember.

My other question I don't really know how to google for efficiently (although I"ve tried variations of "form" "graphic design" "1970" "1980" without luck in getting what I'm looking for. I'm trying to create a graphic of an average state form (think car title or driver's license application or some other bit of bureaucratic annoyance) from circa 1980 USA but all the examples that I can find both around my house and online are to shiny and new in style/font choice. So if anyone with a graphic design background has any suggestions even as to appropriate fonts or design principals (had round cornered boxes invaded the government by then???) or places too look at images of older forms that don't require a fee or anyone has any 25-30 year old forms hanging around that they'd be willing to scan (and obscure the info in them, of course) I'd appreciate it.
Tags: ~body modification: tattoos

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