SHINIGAMITTS シニガミツ (mr_mitts) wrote in little_details,

Second Battle of Kharkov Weather

Place: Kharkov/Izyum, Ukraine

Time: May 11th 1942

Terms Searched: Kharkov, weather, Kharkov weather, 1942, Eastern Front, Second Battle of Kharkov weather, and verious permutations; plus a lot of books.

Scenario: On May 12, 1942, Soviet forces under the command of Marshal Semyon Timoshenko launched an offensive into the German Sixth Army, from a salient established during the Winter counteroffensive. After initial promising signs, the offensive was stopped cold by German counterattacks. Critical errors of several staff officers and of Stalin himself, who failed to accurately estimate the Wehrmacht's potential and overestimated their own newly trained forces, led to a successful German pincer attack around advancing Soviet troops, cutting them off from the rest of the front.

I'm writing a story set across the day before the offensive, somewhere near the Izyum salient (the unit's lost). As far as I know it had been raining and was therefore muddy in the build-up to the assault, but this was during the fighting itself (which lasted some weeks). Does anyone know what the weather was in the lead up to the Second Battle of Kharkov?

Tags: russia: history, ~world war ii

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