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Various questions about modern Buddhist monks.

Fic in progress is set in modern Japan.

1. What would a typical monk's morning routine be?

2. How would monks address each other, if the one being addressed is higher in rank than the addressee? How would a normal woman address a monk? (The normal woman in question went to school with the monk in question and is one year his junior, but they were really only acquaintances.)

3. Um, I now know that the aforementioned woman should bring a man along with her to speak with the monk. However... the fandom is an H-game. There aren't many male characters in the first place, and by this point in the timeline the monk is actually the only one still alive. (In fact, the death of the other remaining one is the whole point of the fic.) Should I make up an NPC for the woman to bring along, or would it be unnecessary?

4. Are there any sort of prayers for the recently dead that a monk (or anyone) might recite in private?

Searched Wikipedia for Buddhism and Buddhist monks. Googled for "buddhist monk adress", found this, which looks helpful but is for Burma. Also found this. Also Googled "buddhist prayer", didn't find what I was looking for.

Fandom is Fate/stay night, for the curious.
Tags: japan (misc), ~religion: buddhism

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