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Ill British Peers of the Realm Need To Be Treated By Other Peers?

When:Where: Britain.

Searched: Various books. Medical journals. Googled: various permutations of peers, lords, knights, doctors, treatment, 1920s, &c. &c.

Situation: I consider myself rather well versed in British history, but this one threw me for a loop.

While reading on the death of New Zealand physicist Sir Ernest Rutherford, I came across this on wikipedia:

"He was admitted to the Order of Merit in 1925 and in 1931 was created Baron Rutherford of Nelson, of Cambridge in the County of Cambridge, a title which became extinct upon his unexpected death in hospital following an operation for an umbilical hernia(1937). Since he was a Lord, British protocol required that he be operated on by a titled doctor, and the delay cost him his life."

Now, I've never heard of this before. Do any medical experts or historians know more about this curious piece of esoterica I knew nowt about?


"Rutherford died unfortunately in 1937 of a strangulated hernia. Being a Lord, protocol required that he be operated on by a titled doctor. The delay cost him his life."
~ "Rutherford. Scientist Supreme" : J. Campbell, Foreword by M. Oliphant

Tags: uk: health care and hospitals, uk: nobility
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