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Flying + Narcolepsy

When: Modern time (21st Century)
Where: Italy
Google-fu: combinations of narcolepsy, narcoleptic flier, airline protocol, airport protocol, unconscious flier, flying unconscious

Situation: I have a character who needs to be completely unconscious before, during, and after a flight. He is young, has no medical problems, and will be voluntarily knocked out via intravenous injection of sedatives. The drugs will have to be readministered in the middle of the flight, so the people traveling with him will be carrying liquid sedatives, syringes, etc. He is not being "snuck on board" - i.e. he has a ticket, has papers to prove that he is who he is, he is flying voluntarily, etc. He does not have medical papers. The flight is international, non-stop from Point A to Point B, and the character never leaves the plane. The airline he's flying with is Italian, and neither he nor his companions speak Italian.

Questions: What is airport protocol about allowing a completely unconscious person to board a plane? Would they allow him through security/customs if he's unconscious, as long as he has the right papers and someone carries him through those metal detectors or something? Can the other characters he's traveling with just wheel him on board? Would claiming that he's narcoleptic make it less suspicious? Will they let him on the plane if he acknowledges that he's going to be effectively comatose for the entire flight and for a short time afterwards, and if the people he's traveling with take full responsibility for him while he's unconscious (i.e. if the plane drops pressure, they'll put the oxygen mask on him, etc.)?
The character is not sleeping - he will be completely unresponsive during the flight and after, although I can fudge a bit and have him be drowsy/drugged-but-conscious when he first boards the plane. (Is there a chance the security officials would mistake him for being drunk?)

The reason I'm asking is because, to me, it seems really suspicious for a person to be unconscious when they board an airplane or go through security. Even if he is conscious when he first goes through security, he will be unconscious when he arrives at his destination, which will be another country and so he'll have to go through customs. The character cannot go to the hospital, so if the flight attendants are suspicious and call the cops that's counterproductive.

Question answered! Thank you kindly! Looks like my character is going to have to call a cab. :)
Tags: italy (misc), ~medicine: drugs, ~medicine: knocking 'em out, ~travel: air travel

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