his name is summer (temperamental) wrote in little_details,
his name is summer

(relatively) non-lethal bullets

I've been playing with the idea of a cyperpunkesque wuxia sort of setting, and I came up with the concept of someone shooting non-lethal bullets to primarily hit pressure points, as opposed to kill. (Which, uh, is kind of ridiculous and not really plausible as far as laws of physics and logic and all that go, but the genre gives a little leeway for the illogical.)

I've mostly been thinking of using rubber ones, but there seem to be a significant amount of cases of those puncturing/causing serious injury/killing etc. I've looked up "rubber bullets" in Wikipedia and Google, along with "rubber bullets impact", "rubber bullets force", "rubber bullets injuries", "handguns rubber bullets" and "pistols rubber bullets". Also tried plastic.

All shooting would be done from a fair distance, through pistols or handguns. I do understand that using guns and bullets of any kind pretty much means there's a high chance of somebody being killed, but I'm looking for something that if used properly would only, for the most part, cause superficial damage. It's a futuristic setting, so even a material that couldn't be used in modern times but would be feasible in a few hundred years would be cool. Would anybody have any suggestions? Should I stick to rubber?
Tags: ~weapons: firearms

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