red_day_dawning (red_day_dawning) wrote in little_details,

Latin translation help, please.

When: 1980-90's
Where: Britain (the fantasy universe of Harry Potter)
Research: searched for translations at the University of Notre Dame's online Latin-English Dictionary

I'm looking for a possible Latin translation for a mirror that depicts enemies/danger. Ideally, I'd prefer the translation to be something like "Danger-mirror/Danger Mirror".

The online dictionary gives the following as possible words for danger:

n infestus -a -um act. [aggressive , hostile, dangerous]; pass. [infested, beset, unsafe]. Adv. infeste, [in a hostile manner].

n periculum (periclum) -i n. [a trial , proof, test, attempt; danger, peril, hazard]; at law, [a trial, action, suit]; hence, [a legal record or register].

And speculum as a translation for mirror.

Would Periculum Speculum work? Infestus Speculum?

Tags: ~languages: latin

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