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Russian Nicknames for Non-Russian Character

Setting: Somewhere between 1999 and 2002.  Takes place somewhere outside of normal geography, but the character in question is from Moscow.
Searched: "Russian pet names," "Russian nicknames," "Russian terms of endearment."  Found lots of stuff on how to make Russian names into nicknames, but nothing about non-Russian names.

I have two characters, Dmitri from Moscow and April from Oxford.  They work together, and while they are not officially involved in a romantic fashion, they are very close and have acknowledged mutual crushes.  Dmitri has given April a nickname in Russian, but I have no idea what this nickname might be.  It should be somewhat affectionate but not overly flowery or sappy.

Can anyone help? 

Edit: Okay, a little more background appears to be needed.  April is a chemist in her late twenties who has been raised in a very formal environment and is still getting used to the casual-ness of life.  Her hair, which used to be brown, is prematurely grey.  She has a...for sake of simplicity, let's call it a pet magpie.  Dmitri is middle-class-ish (his backstory is still hazy at this point) and a few years younger than April.
Tags: ~languages: russian, ~names

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