shari (sharikins) wrote in little_details,

Canned beans in the 60s

My character is an Taiwanese immigrant living in a tiny Californian ex-mining town in the 60s with no Asian grocery stores available to her. She is attempting to make moon cakes for the Mid-Autumn festival with what she can find at the local grocery; however, since it's unlikely that she'll find adzuki beans or salty duck egg at the market, I'm going to have her make a tragicomic go at it with whatever canned beans were available at the time (sometime around 1967).

A few questions:

1.) Has anyone here ever tried to make moon cakes at home? How did it go? Google tells me that it is extremely hard to do at home and that one is better off going to a bakery, which doesn't help me much. Any detail would be much appreciated.

2.) What canned beans were commonly available in 1967?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

ETA: You all have been amazing! I will keep a look-out for any help I can give on my areas of expertise.
Tags: usa: california, usa: food and drink

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