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Homeless life resources

The setting is modern-day Austin, Texas. I have a character (possibly a few, but right now only one named) who is homeless for a reason other than substance abuse, mental illness, or poverty. (For what it's worth, it's an urban fantasy story and it's the easiest way for him, a Hispanic man in his mid-sixties with magical abilities, to stay under the radar of some Very Bad People.) I know very little about homelessness, homeless culture, etc.

I have previously googled "homelessness", "homeless culture", "Austin Texas homeless", and "homeless living" and was only able to find one or two guides, some legal resources, crimes committed against the homeless, and some religious and city outreach programs.

Does anyone have any links, experiences, or stories? Any book recommendations? Newspaper articles? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Tags: usa: texas, ~fugitives, ~homelessness

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