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Liver/rib cage and saviour myths

I have two questions that are mostly unrelated.
Time isn't really relevant to my questions I don't think, nor is setting.

For this first question I've googled combinations of open rib cage, liver, rib cage and...that's all I could come up with. Image search was not a fun time. I got a partial answer to my question, but I'm still not quite happy.

Imagine you need to get at somebody's liver, you're not very bothered about how much damage you cause them really, but you'd rather not make unnecessary mess. Is it justifiable to open the rib cage to do it? (I'm considering doing it anyway. I just want to know if this would be perceived as unnecessarily cruel, or if it needed to be done to do the thing properly)

My second question has to do with myths. The myths I'm most familiar with are all greek and involve male heroes or gods and the ones I could conjure up via google were mostly unhelpful. I did find Sekhmet who I believe rid Egypt of evil (definitely correct me if I got the wrong end of the stick) and Isis who tricked Re into giving up his real name (again, correct me).

I'd rather not take anymore from Egypt unless it's necessary, I want a range. I will consider stories about men, but I'd rather they were women. I need stories where something of great importance is achieved/saved/prevented. In short where a great difference is made to humankind rather than just the lives of one or two people/gods.

Google-fu brought up mostly books to buy (I haven't the funds). I googled varying combinations and variations on "myth woman saved/changed greek"
There are sites with huge long lists of people but narrowing down the people who are actually genuinely useful would be much better. Besides, some sites change the stories slightly, making it hard for me to know what is the more accepted version of events.

Thanks in advance
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