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Late nineteenth century - a way of disguising half the face?

Let's say a man in late nineteenth-century Paris (1870 or thereabouts) would like to go out at night into dimly-lit streets and possibly dark seedy taverns, and somehow hide half his face, which is rather distinctively disfigured. And let's say he didn't want to wear a half-mask and opera cloak like he usually does ^^;

How could he disguise himself? I only have some idea about late-nineteenth gentlemen's clothes. I'm not sure whether common people would wear any kind of cowled capes, broad-brimmed hats or other things that'd help him go unnoticed in dim light, in places where no-one looks too closely at faces.

So, how can the Phantom of the Opera conduct an investigation among Parisian lowlifes and not get busted for high-profile murder, vandalism and gatecrashing a certain masquerade?

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