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Time To Make Clothing (~Regency Period)

The setting: low fantasy, assuming vaguely-around-Regency-period tech, with a bit of kicking back and forth for mood. No sewing machines. (Unless someone hands me a URL that suggests such existed back then. Which will make me go O_O and try to decide if I want those in my universe or not.)

The situation: How long does it take to make a lower-nobility-quality outfit for a young woman? How much does it cost? (Translations to modern values appreciated, if possible.) Is there a charge for "rush delivery"? Again, clothing loosely based on Regency and mutated to taste. (As a seamstress, I suck and take forever. So my personal experience makes me think... longer than one of my fine beta-readers has said is plausible.)

The Google: regency clothing time to create (also used "days" and "how" instead of "time"), regency dressmaker

The results! A wealth of designs, but the only "time to create" was a company which sold reproductions which said allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. I might be able to find something in all these results, but I'm overwhelmed by them. Help?

Any suggestions for Google searches? (If you find a search that has several good URLs, the keywords, and not winnowing the URLs yourself, wouldn't make me cry. O:> )

And here are the URLs, which really rock, that I did find:
http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/regency_gown.htm -- custom made Regency gowns
http://community.livejournal.com/regencyclothing/ -- a LJ about this; probably my next place to look, but there are no Memories and my search terms didn't come up usefully when I added site:community.livejournal.com/regencyclothing/ to my search.
http://hometown.aol.com/historicdance/Regladies.html - lovely pictures, many links
http://locutus.ucr.edu/%7Ecathy/reg.html -- so... many... links... eyes... spinning... @_@
...oh, heck, everything at songsmyth, probably! Just not the "how long does it take to do all this?" data.
http://sensibility.com/pattern/ -- patterns
http://www.pemberley.com/janeinfo/ppbrokil.html - million zillion pictures, and some discussion of undergarments.
http://www.regencylady.net/repository/Cool/ - lots of links, including to male clothing.
http://www.gaelenfoley.com/index-history-w-wardr.html - nice overview of what was worn.
http://bakerlane.com/links.htm - a lot of links to places that sell dresses and patterns.

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