wonder dork powers activate! (atrypical) wrote in little_details,
wonder dork powers activate!

Pushed Into Glass Cabinets + Scarring

I have a character whom I want to have scars on his back.

The backstory is that his mother, who's insane (I haven't figured it out exactly, schizophrenia or something similar, I think) pushed him with a great deal of force into some glass cabinets.

The cabinets probably had small things in there, most of which are likely breakable and/or pointed.

Would there be a likelyhood of scars forming from the injuries? The character in question is about twelve, male, with a very thin build (so he could easily go flying), and his mother is in her... early fourties, I think. Not a beefy woman, but deceptively strong, especially when having a "fit".

He didn't get proper medical attention for the wounds, just someone picking out the glass and maybe bandaging him. No stitches, I think.

Setting is modern day (a little in the future), Germany.

Search terms: "glass cabinet", "scarring", "scars"
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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