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Drug of Choice?

Searched: the erowid vaults, the drug tagged questions in this group, wiki'ed and googled 'heroin', 'cocaine' 'user characteristics'

I have a MC who's a drug addict, but I don't know what drug he's addicted to.

He's in his early to mid 20s, the guitarist in a very successful rock band, so he's got money and access to the drug scene. He grew up in Willimantic, CT a city I know had an issue with heroin, a lower class, single parent household with a father who was physically abusive. He's generally a good guy, the life of the party and all that, but tends towards the reckless and generally self-destructive, and will basically sleep with anything with two legs.

Two plot points that may be important:

He's still relatively functional up to a point: his band members don't realize his drug-use is as bad as it is until another character (himself the son of drug users) clues them in.

He eventually checks himself into rehab after he finds himself in the bathroom using his drug of choice an hour after the funeral of a friend who died of an overdose.

Would this character be more likely to be using coke or heroin?

Thanks for all your help!!

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