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New York City - Location Questions

I need to give street name and/or neighborhood locations for the homes/events of several characters who live in New York. I was hoping folks can make suggestions.

1) A male model with good money. He lives in a kind of open loft. Not an extremely secure building but not cheap. Where is a likely place for this apartment?

2) A gay male pro dom who rides a motorcycle. His apartment is relatively inexpensive. There is no elevator. He walks up to his second floor apartment. But it does have a shared small garage where he is able to store his motorcycle. Where is his apartment? Where would the club/facility where he works be?

3) Male college student studying business at Columbia University. His rich father pays for his one bedroom apartment in a security building with a basement parking garage and an elevator. Where would this be located?

4) Male street prostitute who lives in a run down, maybe even condemned, building and works the street nearby. (Teen runaway whose "clients" are primarily men in cars.) Where is the corner he works?

5) Crack house where someone kidnapped is held. Theoretically near where the hustler lives. Where is it located?

Would love ideas for these. Especially ones I can use mapquest or google to get a layout with. Thanks.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city
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