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Developmental Delay

Hi, guys!

Well, after searching yahoo under "developmental delay", abuse, and verbal; and under "developmental delay", neglect, and verbal; and searching wikipedia under 'developmental delay' - they sent me to 'developmental disability' - not the same thing - I come to you.

I have a character, age five, who has been neglected rather than abused.  His communications with others have been severely limited, although he has been given every luxury otherwise: healthy food, beautiful clothing and playthings.  He has a nurse who barely speaks the language (English).  He has no playmates, and while his parents visit him occasionally (two or three times a week, each) I think it's fair to say they find him... inconvenient... until he comes of age. 

I have decided to show this child having difficulty with expressing himself, verbally.  However, I fear I'm coming off as stilted or inconsistent.  Can anyone guide me to a site, or give me some pointers, on how this child might relate to others with such a delay?  I have him at the verbal level of a younger child, three or so...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Tags: ~child development (misc), ~languages (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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