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Greenhouses? Stone houses? Herbalism?

Right now I'm working with a setting that's analogous to the Ohio-West Virginia-Kentucky tri-state region -- close foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, river valleys, etc. My characters are staying in an old stone house that was once the home of a very wealthy family, but has since come into much poorer hands. It's situated near a trading village on a tributary of the country's main river. The house is "circa" 14th century English, with several additions, the most significant of which is a small greenhouse. Right now, we're in a time that's sort of like the 17th-century Netherlands in terms of its science and technology.
  • In a stone house with no windows, or a few small ones, how well would you be able to hear sounds on either side of the walls? I'm thinking rain or sleet from the inside and voices from the outside or between rooms.
  • How does one keep up a greenhouse without the aid of electricity? It should be facing south, right? In January, is trapped sunlight alone enough to keep an array of plants alive and growing?
  • How big is it reasonable for such a house to be?
  • Would an old wine cellar be a good place to dry herbs? Never mind.
    Thanks so much!
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