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Royal titulary and random religous questions

Where: Egypt
When: 5th Dynasty, 2424BC
Googled: royal titulary, royal heir, etc. Wikied, too. V. unhelpful, "Prince of Wales" won't help me :P

I just realized that Pharaoh is a term not used till 1450BC, and is hence useless, so I've substituted for the simple King (the Egyptian version Nisu sounds rediculous with my King's name Niuserre). But now I have the following problems:

1. What to call the Heir Apparent? He is the eldest son, and co-ruler with his father. I need a title that would be used to address him, either appropriate to the time period, or translated in more modern use (like I did with King). I have been using Pharaoh-Heir, but obviously that won't work now.

2. What to call courtiers, governors of separate nomen, younger princes, sons by concubines that are NOT princes, royal advisors, etc etc? Once again, looking for titles, not descriptions.

3. Is there any evidence of gods speaking to their followers? Would they speak only to priests, or also others? If they did, how would they go about summoning them/getting in touch?

4. Could protective gods like the Two Ladies refuse to protect a Pharaoh King if he were sufficiently a murdering asshole?

5. Looking for an alternative to Re-Harakhty, as he's too unknown and associated with Horus. I want the creator god Re, associated with something that's not another sun worship, as I want him clearly different from Atum. Are there any other Re-whatevers out there? Amun is too late in time.

6. I'm a little desperate for Egyptian name sites. I've found all the normal baby sites and whatever comes up when you google for "Egyptian names", but I've depleted the stock and need fresh names!

Thanks for any help you can give :)

Oh! And I'm looking for the Anonymous person who replied sooo much to my previous post here. She was incredibly useful, chatted with her once and she appeared happy to be my encyclopedia, but since then she disappeared and is not replying to email. Please please please come back?
Tags: egypt: history, ~languages: ancient egyptian

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