Seaweed (smellingbottle) wrote in little_details,

passenger shipping from London to Bordeaux c.1902

I have two characters who travel from London to Bordeaux around 1902. From searching around on various 'maritime London' sites, including that of the Maritime History Museum, and googling 'port of London', it seems they would have been likely to travel by General Navigation Company steamer which ran a lot of Channel cargo and passenger services until it was taken over by P&O.

What I want to know is where exactly my characters are likely to have boarded the vessel. I would have assumed passengers boarded somewhere out towards Docklands, but there is a postcard image of the Eagle (in service 1898-1928) going under Tower Bridge, which suggests there was a Westminster pier. Can anyone with more knowledge confirm? Also, would some of such cross-Channel services have been combined cargo/passenger crossings? My characters are poor and almost without luggage, and would be taking the cheapest possible option.

Many thanks.
Tags: 1900-1909, france: history, uk: history (misc), ~travel: sea travel

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