arina83 (arina83) wrote in little_details,

Medical Questions

I'm doing research for a fanfic based on a book I just read, based on the injuries one of the characters sustained.

I'd like to know what the time frame would be for recovery (as much as possible) and the kinds of treatments necessary.

The character was wearing a steel breastplate lined with Kevlar, and was hit by 2-3 bullets from a Kalashnikov from 10ft away. The bullets entered around the breastplate, and the Kevlar caused them to riccochet around in the body.

Severe liver damage

Irreparable damage to 1 kidney, was removed

One collapsed lung

Spinal damage

2 fractures in pelvis

Subdural hematoma

Trauma through ocular cavity causing possible loss of eye

Brain damage

Multiple rib fractures sending fragments into the heart

Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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