jupirock (jupirock) wrote in little_details,

Louisianan economic collapse

When: About a hundred (perhaps a couple hundred - I haven't decided yet) years into the future. Technology has advanced to the point where people are beginning to play with time as a dimension of space, and a human ability to use the physical world as an extension of the body has been developing for about twenty years.

Where: Upstate Louisiana (away from the coast).

Search Terms: major industry Louisiana, industry Louisiana, upstate Louisiana industry, Louisianan industry,  Louisiana industry + jobs, and many, many similar things.

I need to, in no uncertain terms, collapse the Louisianan economy. More in the upstate than near New Orleans (which has been rebuilt by the time my story takes place) and all that. So what I'd like to know is which industries (oil and natural gas, any kind of agriculture, etc.) provide the most jobs, and which industries are fundamental to the economic well-being of that region of the state. Thanks in advance.

Tags: usa: louisiana, ~economics (misc)

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