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Volunteer being questioned

Basically, I'm writing a story where someone committed suicide, and a friends goes into the police station and claims it's part of a chain of murders/suicides that have been going on around the country for the past few months. She is nervous for her own life as well, but more her being paranoid and superstitious over anything else (there's no one really after her, but she thinks there might be).

I have a few questions about this:
1) Would she be interviewed like a suspect, as in, in the same room? Do they have a different room for volunteer information?

2)Would the FBI get involved, since these cases cross state lines, or since she has most of the information on her friend's death, would a local police officer be able to question her?

3) Since she doesn't really know who is behind it, just why these deaths are going on (it's an online chain gone horribly wrong), how useful would she be? Would the police be able to do anything with her information, or just file it away and ignore her the rest of the time? Would they use her as "bait"?
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc)

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