A Pissed-Off Giraffe (anythingoes) wrote in little_details,
A Pissed-Off Giraffe

Alcohol-Related Questions.

A few questions relating to alcohol consumption and other usage... I do not often drink so feel free to use small words and explain things to me.

Story background info: I have an adult male and a teenage female confined in a caved-in small space. Both generally healthy, except the female has minor injuries, man has a broken ankle. Between them they have each a full set of clothing and a bottle of some alcoholic beverage. I am looking at not having them there for much more than a couple days and nights, but it will vary slightly depending on circumstance and your responses...

My main questions are:

1) How long could they both last without food or water, and only the alcohol to drink? I am toying with the idea of light rain pouring into the space for them to drink, but then would have to figure for more of a chill in their wet clothing. Food of any sort is not an option, any way I approach the scene. Unless they happen to catch a rat and get brave.
2) To what extent would the alcohol numb the pain of the man's injuries? And how much would he have to drink to acheive that purpose?
3) You see those doctor shows where they pour liquor on an open wound. How effective, really, would it be for cleaning or sterilization?
4) And if anyone can reccommed a good particular kind of alcohol for these purposes...

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