caitak (caitak) wrote in little_details,

Scar on chest

Where: America, East Coast
When: About two to three years ago & now.
What I've Searched For: Variations of: gunshot wound, chest wound, scar, crack chest, surgical procedure, picture (Not knowing what it's actually called made it a little tricky to search for, all the more frustrating because it's a really random, minor point in the story). I've Googled and found lots of stuff about gunshots to the face, see some random scar pictures (which don't explain what they were caused by) and checked out eMedicine, but the only article I found that seemed relevant didn't have a picture.

My character was shot below her left arm, in her side, about three years ago. Cue emergency treatment.

I'm wanting the doctors to do the funky rib-spreading/chest cracking thing that you see in all the medical dramas. What sort of a scar would be left from this two to three years later? What I'm really looking for is some sort of a picture so that I can describe it.

Also, where on her body would this be, I was thinking maybe a couple of inches below her left breast, at the side of her body. Again, seeing a picture would help.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~medicine (misc), ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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