Erinkyan (not_in_denial) wrote in little_details,

Navy Destroyer Ship Personnel Ranks

I've wiki'ed till I'm blue in the face (destroyers, warships, navy names, prefixes, naval ranks, the navy page...and more I've forgotten to list) and I've googled all kinds of combinations of "navy, ranks, captain, admiral," and other ranks I could remember. I'm really not sure how to go about googling anything else to find what I want. :(

SO. Here is my stupid civillian question that I need help with.

I understand that the highest ranking officer in a naval fleet is an admiral, so I'm not worried about finding out ranks in the navy in general. The cast in the short story I am working on are on a destroyer ship and the rest of the fleet just doesn't come into the story at all (though they can be assumed to be out there). What rank would the person in charge on the destroyer be? What range of ranks would be aboard a destroyer?
Tags: usa: military (misc)

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