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New York City Location Info

Hi, I'm looking for some neighborhood/location information for a story taking place in NY.

My main character is living in NYC with his grandparent's, and one night he meets an NYU student working at a 24 hour diner. So my question is: what area would be both close enough to NYU for a student to work there and close enough for my main character to walk to from his grandparent's? For what it's worth his grandparents were middle class, living in the place would have bought in the '50s . Ideally I wanted them to live in a small house,but I can change it to an apartment if that would be more realistic.

I've tried looking through the entries on Manhattan Neighborhoods and Greenwich/West Village, NYU entries on Wikipedia, and also trying to google things like 'residential neighborhoods'. I've also tried looking through entries tagged 'new york' in the community.

Thanks for all your help!

EDT: Thanks to everyone who responded! The answers seem pretty evenly split between the East/West Village and somewhere in Queens that's on the subway. I guess it's a question of whether it's feasible for my MC to take a 45-ish minute subway ride into the city really late at night. I guess if the diner has *really* good cheesecake?
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