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Courtship & treating someone like a lady

Setting: New York City, present day

Searched: Various combinations of southern, south, manners, courtship -- but I think this is probably more of an opinion/experience thing.

Characters: My character is a man in his forties who currently lives in New York, but was born and raised in South Carolina. Let's call him Steve. Steve's best friend and sort-of love interest is Adam.

Situation: Only half-jokingly, Steve told Adam that he was going to court him/treat him like a lady in order to get into his pants.

As a twenty year old female from the Northeast,I realized too late that I haven't the foggiest idea as to how Steve would go about courting Adam and treating him like a lady. There are a few little things, of course, like opening doors and ordering for him at a restaurant, but I'm really at a loss as to what kind of things Steve could do for Adam. When Steve was growing up, what might his parents have taught him about being polite to girls, particularly when dating? What have you done to treat someone like a lady, or how has someone treated you that made you feel like a lady? What kind of Southern manners might Steve display that would seem perhaps slightly out of place in New York?

Edit: First, thanks so much for all your help! Second, I want to mention that I'm totally down with any suggestions that would fit better in the movies than in real life, because Steve is very likely to take his cues from film rather than reality.
Tags: usa (misc), usa: south carolina, ~etiquette & manners

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