aelfgifu (aelfgifu) wrote in little_details,

Saxon Ship, Scip, and/or Sailboat

My novel is set in an Anglo-Saxon-esque land with similar technology. I have a scene which includes a single man sailing a smallish ship. All I could find online and in the university library are Viking ships (wrong culture) and Sutton Hoo (way too big, too many oars!). This is the only picture I could find of an Anglo-Saxon ship of small size (compliments of Project Gutenberg).

My questions:
1. First- a practical sailing question! Would it be possible for a single man to sail this sort of thing, or do I need to invent a smaller boat or give him a helper?
2. The A-S word in Beowulf is usually “scip” and that’s with my mediocre Old English skills. Would “Scip” mean a small ship, a big ship, or should I be looking for a more specific word? (It’s a Germanic tongue, so, God knows, there are insanely specific words!).
3. Anyone run across any great sources specifically on Anglo-Saxon boats (not Viking!)?

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