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Bar snacks in Colorado Springs

Yeah, I bet you can guess the context of this one. :D I've googled bar menus and pub menus and so on, but what I really would like to know is what the standard non-menu food items out in a generic (non-themed) bar in Colorado would be. Corn chips? Peanuts? Pretzels? I'm thinking of the little dishes of snacks that get provided automatically, usually salty to inspire you to buy more drinks.

I know different regions have different customs, and since the post in question is going to be written by a couple of people from Montreal and Glasgow, we're a bit stumped as to what the southern US would find 'normal.' I'm even good with answers about what you'd never see - I just don't want to write that my character was nibbling on, say, beer nuts or pork rinds, and have the actual Americans look at us like we've lost our minds.

Tags: usa: colorado, usa: food and drink, ~restaurants & pubs

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