Lesbiatarianism (bgreane) wrote in little_details,

Sex with TA's at NYU

Setting: Modern day, at New York University
Question:  My main female character transfers to NYU and double majors in French and English (she's a real go-getter.)  After a while her and her male English Literature TA start having a sexual relationship.  What I need to know is:  How big of a deal is this at NYU?  Are there any guidelines, restrictions, repercussions?

I tried google-ing and wikipedia-ing various incarnations of 'student teacher relationships NYU,'  'sex student professor NYU' etc.  with no luck.   Any help would be mucho appreciated.

Edit: Thank you so much to everyone who replied!  The answers were incredibly helpful; this community is the bee's knees!
Tags: usa: education: higher education

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