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Hospital clinic procedure

Setting: Modern day-ish. Place doesn't really matter since it's a made-up world; I just want to be grounded on some "real" knowledge.

I've googled "hospital procedure, clinic, walk-in clincs" but mostly get articles about the benefits or detriments to having said clinic in a hospital--the rest are just hospital web pages talking about their clinics. I've LJseeked "hospital procedure" here, but all the procedure questions that came up deal with more serious issues than I have and none that relate to clinics.

Dilemma: I want my character to go to a hospital clinic to get some abdominal pain checked out. What I need to know is if a doctor does get clinic duty (like they show in House all the time)? Or is it always just a nurse? And if something serious is discovered (say, appendicitus in my character's case) would the patient be rushed for surgery right away? Or would there be a litany of tests and things to confirm? Basically, would the hospital let him go back home and wait another day?

Edit: Thanks everyone! Those are some very helpful answers!
Tags: uk: health care and hospitals, usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine (misc)

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