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throat lacerations and stab wounds in the torso: I need details!

have been googling like a mad man, and haven't been able to find exactly what I want so I came to you.

Modern setting, country is irrevelant.

I googled things like "throat laceration" "throat injuries OR wounds" "throat cut" and even things like "exsanguination throat", multiple scholar/book searches and I did get some information but none of it really seemed to be what I wanted.

First, I need information on throat lacerations, self inflicted or other wise. I need to know the likely hood of dying vs surviving (I want the character to survive, so information on how they would survive etc. would be helpful). The weapon is  some  brand of  kitchen knife OR  possibly  a  swiss  army  knife, but more than likely the former.

I need to know, if the person survives, how likely is it for someone to come out of this situation without permanent damage to the vocal chords/trachea?

And given that everything managed to work out fine, what sort of treatment would they be given?  How many stitches/ how long would the stitches stay in for/ what sort of discomfort they would experience after effective treatment and, even if the vocal chords were undamaged would this impair their ability to talk? (that is one I am VERY interested in finding out) (really want to know this, if you can help me!)

After this, I am very interested in self inflicted stab wounds, again the character is to survive.  With the same weapons as before if the character does not stab the heart but stabs other areas of the torso, how likely are they to damage the lungs/ what else might be damaged / what sort of treatment and procedures would be employed?

 Note that in both situations the person stabbing/slashing is not thinking straight or at their most alert and paramedics are very close by (less then a metre away actually).

And finally I need to know how long one might be in hospital for either of the wounds and how a stay in a  psychiatric ward would complicate this? How would someone be treated while in a psychiatric ward, or would they stay in a normal ward and then be moved when they healed?


Thanks in advanced!

Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds, ~suicide

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