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Chronic Ilness and Mental Effects

I've got a question about the effects of a chronic illness on mental health.

It's set in a fantasy universe, with magic and such. Healers exist, as does rudimentary first aid, but more detailed things aren't existent yet. (World of Warcraft setting, for those in the know.)

Basically, one of my boys has had a chronic respiratory illness since he was a child (fantasy universe, he's around 70 years old now, and just hitting adulthood). Loosely based off of cystic fibrosis, his disease causes issues with coughing, mucus, occasionaly coughing blood, general fatigue and frailty, and vocal cord degeneration (partially due to coughing). He goes through short periods of being bedridden and resting, and is well aware of when he needs a rest and can't be as active as he would like for a while.

What I'm wondering about is what sort of mental effects would this have on him? I've tried googling "chronic illness", "living with chronic illness", "illness and mental health" and a variety of other things, but I haven't gotten anything useful. I think part of the problem is the setting, as most "coping with chronic illness" sites focus a lot on relationships with your doctor and hospitals and such...which doesn't really work for my scenario. As I said above, healers do exist, and he is one himself, in fact (priest class), but I'm still unsure on what sort of effects living with this sort of disease would have on him.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses (misc), ~medicine: illnesses: lung problems, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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